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What is the cell Ministry?

The cell is the smallest structural and functional unit of our Church, designed to extend the Pastoral Ministry of our Man of God Pastor Chris to every member seeing to it that you're well nurtured, enjoy fellowship, and are equipped for service.

The Cell isn't your identity system; because you're neither faceless nor just a face in the crowd. You're more than a number in the crowd! We understand you're a unique and real person with a desire for genuine love, fellowship, and opportunities to serve.

The cell system exists to ensure you’re recognized beyond numbers; no matter how large we are, in your cell you’re known, because YOU MATTA, NO FLATTA!

Your security system; once you're identified with a cell, you're never alone because you're known and you'll never be without the love and support of others who care.

It's your friendship circle in a big family- your spiritual nuclear family! Your oasis of love where you find comfort and strength to win all the time. It's big enough to contain you, yet small enough to feel you!

It's also an avenue for the expression of your gifts and for service. Why not join a cell today?

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About Us

Christ Embassy City Church (CECT) is the beautiful Church of Champions where we give your life a meaning and build a happier world with love. At Christ Embassy City Church, you'll know love like you've never known it to be. We invite you to join us and flow in liquid love.

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