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Young Bold and Free 2.0

Enraptured by the moment, young people listened with rapt attention as our esteemed zonal pastor shared the Word.

3 Questions Men Seek Answers To ...

1. The Way! What is the Way?

2. The Truth! What is Truth?

3. Life! What is Life?

where is it? Christ is your answer!

This life is in His Son! He that hath the Son, hath THIS LIFE! With these words, streams, and droves of young people surged forward as the altar call to salvation was made!

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Christ Embassy City Church (CECT) is the beautiful Church of Champions where we give your life a meaning and build a happier world with love. At Christ Embassy City Church, you'll know love like you've never known it to be. We invite you to join us and flow in liquid love.

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